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Kurzpräsentation: Digital Therapy

30 March 2016
Presented my idea for the first time in front of the VK group and all mentors. I definitely thought it would go better than it did and perhaps not receive as much criticism (particularly in the suggestion of AI) as it did. I think in retrospect, what I thought was a good use of storytelling, ended up being too much sharing of a personal story. Sharing the background of why this interests me as a designer seems like such an obvious connection to make. But I think in the light of it being a Forschungs Masters Studium, it actually is more of a vulnerability than anything else. Shame that I outed myself this early.

Faculty feedback:

  • Look for a partner in the medical field that will be able to support the research that I do.
  • Think about how to make sure that the population doesn’t become retraumatized.
  • Can I be innovative through the visual language of the project? How do I give the tool it's own identity?
  • How do I get beyond my own experiences?
  • What about AI?
  • ELIZA from Joseph Weizenbaum

After more critical thought on the feedback I received, I've come around a little more more to idea of including AI or a Chatbot into my project. I'm still struggling a bit about how to make AI into something that is useful and not end up just making a statement piece.

Presentation and Major Points

See the presentation on Slideshare.
Read the Kurzdisposition.

Projecktthema/Project Theme

  • The effects Grey Divorce (divorce between persons with age 50 and over) on Adult Children (persons with the age 18 and over) of during and after the divorce process.
  • Development of a Digital Therapy for Adult Children suffering from the effects of Grey Divorce (divorce between persons with age 50 and over).

  • Overarching Research Question: Can a digital service (Digital Therapy) be used to alleviate the emotional pain and psychological stress in those who have experienced a traumatic event.

  • In order to prove the assumption that a digital therapy can and should be developed for the future, I will study the population of Adult Children of Divorce.

Absicht & Ziel/Intent and Goal

  • Ultimately the intent is to show how an empathetic methods and translations of research can be used to uncover latent needs and potential desires for a population and how an interactive platform/digital therapy as a creative resolution could potentially improve quality of life.
  • The application of this thesis will be to interpret the research as a digital functional tool and aide for adult children of divorce.
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Semester Begin and Forschungsworkshop

14 March - 18 March 2016
As an introduction to the masters program, ZHdK desgined a week long compact, intensive orientation for us to better formulate our project ideas and place them on the spectrum of design research and design practice. Tasks for the week included building a model as a representation of our project, planning and executing a conference, creating our "final" artifact in a day, and daily readings and reflections.