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Semesterendprüfung & Projektdisposition

June 2016
Delivery for semester ending consisted of a brief and concise presentation including: Project Goals, Contexualization of Work, Thesis and Research Questions, Intended Methodologies, Design Goals and Detailed Timeline for Zwischensemester.


The Projektdisposition in full as it was submitted 08 June 2016. A summarized version of points is below.

Contextualization of Work

The current way therapists and counsellors assess Depression, Anxiety and Hopelessness in clients is through questionnaires yielding a numeric value representing a client’s severity of the emotion. Assigning a number eliminates the multi-dimensionality of human emotion and the personal history and nuances of complex emotions.
Visualisation is a tool used to make complex information simpler - or digestible. If visualization can change the way we understand the spread of disease, the devastation of losses during an army invasion or how we predict our Economic Future, it’s principles can also be applied to emotionality.
By merging the language of the eye - the shape, color and patterns found in visualization - with the language of the mind - words, numbers and concepts - each has the opportunity to enhance the other. Therefore giving a much richer quality to how we perceive emotion and experience complex emotion.

Research Questions

  • How could it be helpful for a patient to use a visual system to express themselves instead of relying on spoken or written language?
  • Does it help a patient understand their emotions when they are able to participate in creating a representation of their emotion self?
  • How could it be helpful for a therapist to see their patients' emotional states represented visually - is it valuable to see emotional states as forms changing over the time of treatment?
  • How should a Visual System look in order for both parties to reach a nuanced understanding of emotions, resulting in a bond with the visual representation of self.
  • Where should the Visual System lie between complexity and nuanced expression and accessibility, understandability and ease of use?

Project Goal

  • Develop a visual system to help clients in a therapeutic setting express complex emotions and in return help therapists better understand their client's present and on-going emotional state.

Design Goals

Develop a Visual System that:

  • is a representation of the client's self at their present emotional state
  • is a collaborative and understandable visualization of the client's emotional state.
  • can be used as a tool to monitor changes in emotional state over time.
  • exposes the multi-dimensionality of complex emotions, showcasing the nuances that distinguish patients with similiar emotional states from one another (i.e. a patient with depression that involves withdrawl and shame versus one that does not).
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Experiment: Beck Profile Visualizations

May 2016
In May I spent some time in the Werkstatt playing with new materials in an attempt to create 3D-representations of responses to the Beck Depression Inventory and Hopelessness Scale.