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Alternative Visualizations

January 2017

Freud’s metaphor will continue to be the basis for the emotion visualization. In the beginning of the year, I explored briefly slight variations on the visual language.

Can the visualization use even more aspects from the physical world to depict an emotion experience? Could it instead use weather? This gives a lot of fun opportunities for cute animations. Is it too far of a jump to view an artic world as a less conducive one and a tropical world a more conducive one? The obvious argument against such an assumption (ice/cold is bad, beach/warm is good) is that we all have different opinions on what environments we’d rather be in.

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Daylight is always something I wanted to explore throughout the project. There are a lot of beautiful examples in game design, like Camp Santo's Firewatch:

document image
document image
document image

It’s no doubt each of these different light settings gives the player a different feeling and thus changes the experience of the game.

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I think there is something to the alternative design for daylight, but I’m not sure if it’s right to force a connection between night and bad. Darkness is widely related with times of grief or uncertainty. There is an innate feeling of fear when we are walking alone in the dark. But in a tool that encourages emotion awareness, the design shouldn’t encourage fear of “bad” or unpleasant emotions even if it is more expressive in visual design.

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Experience & Interface

December 2016

Now with a visual and concept that work for the data, I started working thinking about the features and the experience of the application.