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Wrap Up 2.0: Thesis

April 2017

In April, I’m doing the finalizations of my masters thesis.

My thesis can be found online via Medium here.

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The thesis is structured by five chapters. First, an introduction with the usual suspects: context, motivation, hypothesis, approach, contributions and definition of important terms.

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The section following is broken down into three chapters which represent the fields of knowledge drawn from for this research: Emotion, Recording and Visualization.

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The fourth chapter, Experiments, provides a look into experiments and the key learnings which influenced the development of the digital tool. The fifth, Fine., presents the tool, its features and functionality. Also within that chapter, the visual system and the inspiration for its design is explained.

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The thesis is concluded with a manifesto for designing for emotion, a reflection and an outlook for the project. The manifesto addresses each field of knowledge and intended audience group in the project. Following the conclusion, the indices contain image, figure and literature listings plus a short documentation of my visual explorations and imagery from the experiments.

An earlier post introduced the book of my year of emotion visualizations, Alright. This book and the thesis is accompanied by one other book: Could Be Worse.

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Could Be Worse is a collection of short stories. It is meant as a projection of a world in which collecting emotion data is commonplace - or mandatory - and the disregard of the golden rules found in the conclusion of this thesis. You can see a preview of it in the next post.

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Wrap Up 1.0

March 2017

The first of a few updates on wrapping up this thesis and application before the exhibition in June.